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People as continuous source of value.

WorkLife 360 offers in 1 platform the best people and organisation tools for all facets for a happy working life of people in organisations. Een circullair "zero waste" software as a service HR platform met de mens als waarde bron.

What if you no longer see people as tools for production but as sources of value. What new opportunities does this offer organisations and people to work together. 1 thing is certain. Management becomes fun again. You only ask 1 question. How can I help you? In the WorkLife 360 platform, the employee is at the centre and, on the basis of personal leadership, authorises the employee to help him or her achieve goals together, develop and work with pleasure. The employee connects, maps talent, matches, shares, makes a plan, monitors well-being and job happiness. The organisation facilitates the employee with a context of, among other things, role descriptions and goals of the organisation and a comprehensive toolbox.

WorkLife 360 invites and helps the employee from personal leadership to participate. WorkLife is based on shared desire, trust and safety as the basis of working together. WorkLife is about building winning teams. WorkLife is about the employee sharing insight into what you can do, what you know and what you aspire to. What your match and (sustainable) employability is, internally and in the labour market, what you contribute and what your plan is. How we can help you stay healthy, experience well-being and job happiness, collaborate and perform successfully.
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We live too short, and work too long for crap work, bossy managers and lack of job satisfaction .

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Organisations with linear operations in which raw materials, energy but also people are lost as waste has become unsustainable. The challenge for traditional linear organisations and HR systems is to transform people as a tool of production with a residual product and waste into a continuous source of value.
The platform is full of work-life tools and accessories to help people get moving. These include a talent analytics app, an agile team app, a job profiler app, a match app, a dialogue app and a feedback app to collaborate, work, learn and develop together.
With WorkLife 360, everyone in your organisation has access to their own data and the team's data, allowing you to make smarter and faster decisions together.
Hello WorkLife is a Dutch company and aims to make a difference in circular business practices. Everyone deserves cool work and quality of life. We do this with the WorkLife 360 platform for organisations. Hello WorkLife offers all facets of people's WorkLife and helps management to coach, build teams, develop people and deliver performance together.

The WorkLife 360 platform is employee-centric and organisation-driven. The organisational context and goals serve as the foundation for performance, learning and development. Using the tools and pathways in the platform, you give direction to intention and strategy. This serves as fuel for igniting people's self-directed HPs and having the open conversation. Are we all doing the right things, often and well. The platform provides insight into what is happening and helps to constantly design new routes, fuel and interventions in line with intent.

One platform. endless possibilities.

Employee driven - organization focused - future proof - data driven.

WorkLife engagement with the very best apps for every stage of the employee journey, from entry, engagement and exit.
Discover how to:

  • Talent mapping.
  • Work happiness and job security organises.
  • Creating personal action plans.
  • Match on talent, knowledge and skills, among others.
  • Create role functions and development profiles.
  • Assemble teams flexibly, match and develop team talents.
  • FeedForward & back receives.
  • Setting goals, making plans and sharing

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WorkLife 360

Answers to frequently asked questions
about WorkLife 360.

WorkLife management
  • 1. Where does Hello WorkLife make a difference?
    Hello WorkLife aims to make a difference in circular business practices. The waste sector in the circular economy illustrates and in a beautiful way the impact on people and the mission of Hello WorkLife. In the circular economy, the waste sector transforms waste as a residual product of a production process into a value product in the wrong place. Waste takes on new meaning. Organizations with linear operations in which raw materials, energy but also people are lost as waste has become unsustainable. The challenge for traditional linear organizations and HR systems is to transform people as a tool of production with a residual product and waste into a continuous source of value. Circular management requires prevention, designing and producing differently, using and wasting less and repairing. Hello WorkLife offers a circular process for people.
  • 2. What is the WorkLife 360 platform
    The WorkLife 360 platform is a Human Organization system. Where registration and payroll processing ends, the WorkLife 360 platform begins and organizes all HR processes interactively when it comes to performing together, learning to develop. The platform is designed from the employee's perspective to take ownership of sustainable employability and performing in your role. No more HR check off lists, but interactively focused on having the right conversation with tools that help you do so, such as talent & motivation assessments, role-function & skill descriptions, matching & gap analysis, coaching, performance goal setting, feed forward, team composition, innovation, conversation log, dialogue action plans, reflection evaluation conversations and elearnings.
  • 3. What is so unique about Hello WorkLife?
    Unique is the talent matching, the combination and integration of all modern HR tools in 1 platform. This gives a unique insight into talent and teams, who contributes what, the competence gap, individually, in teams and in the organization as a whole, along with the risks and opportunities. Unique is the combination of Bottom up and Top down. Unique is that WorkLife 360 reverses the roles, puts the employee at the center and gives the employee all the tools to organize work happiness, perform, develop and contribute to organizational intent. Uniquely, employees build value in their skill wallet. Uniquely, the skill wallet transfers or moves as personal property upon entry and exit in the WorkLife ecosystem. The interactive connection between everyone is unique. The talent and motivation match with roles in the organization is unique. Unique is that employees secure their autonomy and ownership in the "SEE ME" tool and determine who sees what, with whom you share what. What is unique is that the manager only needs to ask the employee 3 questions. 1. What will you deliver and 2. what will you learn. And question 3 how can I help you.
  • 4. What problem does the Worklife 360 platform solve?
    The worklife platform helps organizations to change, collaborate, perform, learn and develop on a human scale. Not only from a financial performance perspective, but also from the perspective of work happiness, well-being, talent development and sustainable employability. Many organizations "need" and "want" to change, but often cannot. And you can't solve a problem with systems that caused it. In vital and inspired organizations, every employee demonstrates leadership, regardless of position. The WorkLife 360 Platform provides the organization and its people with a complete toolbox to shape performance-connection-ownership-development-collaboration and personal leadership.
  • 5. What does the WorkLife 360 platform cost?
    A WorkLife 360 platform in your own club colors and logo costs a one-time €1,500 set up fee. Then you pay a monthly subscription of € 325,- to € 525,- including 25 users based on the type of platform. For each additional user you pay a small monthly fee ranging from € 4 to 6 euro. Minimum contract period is 1 year.
  • 6. Are there API connects with HR systems?
    We have API connectors with Numbrs and Afas. However, we see because the WorkLife 360 platform is an employee platform that organizations often initially start stand alone. Over time, it is often desirable, there is trust and it feels secure that you benefit from a seamless back-end solution that keeps your organization running smoothly. In our roadmap, we are working on an api marketplace for Hr systems. This is to quickly integrate systems so you can use them directly your the WorkLife platform to its full potential.
  • 7. What is the implementation time and what are the costs?
    The WorkLife 360 platform is set up so that you can start immediately after importing the users. So no long implementation process and no extra costs. For the application, development and implementation of your specific organizational WorkLife policy and the establishment of communication and processes, you can choose to do this yourself or get assistance with consultation, coaching and training from our certified WorkLife service partners.
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