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If Netflix's algorithms are able to calculate which movies and series suit you based on your preferences, then it should also be possible to maximize organizational success by matching people to the organization's work supply based on their preferences, talent, ambition, competencies and availability. And conversely, surely it should also be possible to potentially offer people roles that fit their hard-, softskills, preferences and talent.
We have cracked the code of work happiness and converted it into a platform, the best talent & HR tools, an algorithm and match your work happiness and the result in your job, your employability and give insight into your development space. And this not only for your own organization but also for the entire labor market. We see this as the basis for collaboration, self-management and open conversation in which you can say and/or ask anything and don't have to pretend, on your way to the best version of yourself.
How cool is it to offer people job security and therefore income security and work that matches your skill wallet with talent, knowledge, experience and skills.
The WorkLife methodology is focused on having the good conversation. The WorkLife tools help with reflecting on the organizational context, speaking from 1 common language and looking from 1 common viewing window. The Tools are based on algorithms, logic and based on scientific theories and models.
WorkLife 360 is a Cloud - SaaS - People and Organization Platform.

How do you secure your knowledge and expertise. Do you transfer it to the organisation and structurally build the foundation of work happiness and success. Then Worklife 360 offers you a comprehensive toolbox for projects with the option of setting up the WorkLife platform at your clients' premises. WorkLife 360 was developed from the idea:

Become a service partner. Hello WorkLife helps grow your business.

Fulfills training, coaching and advice.

WorkLife service partnership
  • 1. Why consider a service partnership?
    What if you need to do your job 10x faster, cheaper and better. The golden rule of disruption. Yes that doesn't apply to me. I am a consultant, trainer or advisor. Ok stop reading then. Are you in doubt or would you like to know how? Then discover the WorkLife platform. For years, we have seen change as something manufacturable and framed strategic workforce management with mainly a functional mindset. Digital transformation is forcing us to change course and redesign organizations from network and platform technology combined with themes of lifelong learning, employee well-being, entrepreneurship and ambition. After the ad hoc response to the pandemic, it is now time for organizations and HR to reshape "working" in organizations. With the WorkLife Platform, you uniquely help people system organizations from your own discipline with this issue and can simultaneously contribute to re-architecting organizations and HR.
  • 2. What are the investments I make as a service partner?
    A service partner invests in its own platform. The one-time set-up costs are € 1,500. You pay a monthly maintenance and user fee depending on the number of users. You also have the option to work from the Hello WorkLife platform. Then you invest in the certification, you make your own sales plan and strategy in line with your service proposition. Hello WorkLife co-invests and offers the option to offset the costs with future revenues from your subscription fee and service WorkLife projects.
  • 3. How do I become a service partner?
    Sign up or schedule an appointment directly in the open agenda. We will gladly tell you the possibilities , the advantages and the expectations of a cooperation.
  • 4. How can I certify?
    Sign up or book certification directly. The certification is on the job in combination with several meetings. In it you learn how to use the tools of the platform in your service practice and how to translate this into your service proposition.

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