WorkLife 360 platform for startup, scale up, small to medium and large SMEs
Profit and non profit

WorkLife 360 “Talent Match Center” is for job applicants in recruitment and pre boarding, career management and off boarding as part of transition to a new employer. Includes talent and drivers assessment, job profiling, skill wallet and reports.

WorkLife 360  “Engagement Match Center” is for pre boarding, engagement & performance and off-boarding processes, collaboration, performance, learning and development. Includes fully interactive social intranet, talent & team matching, talent drives assessments, role job home, skill wallet, WorkLife HR conversation cycle, conversation log, dialogue, personal action plan, reflection, feedback, evaluation, reward home, among others.

WorkLife 360 “Eco Match Center” is for organizations, holdings or group of companies that together based on vision, interest, in the chain or through the seasons form an eco system with multiple platforms. Each has its own platform and also mutual access to each other’s talent and knowledge. Together you develop and invest in talent development, knowledge sharing, people and sustainable employability. Eco Match Center includes all functionality of WorkLife 360.

WorkLife 360 provides analysis, suggestions and proposals related to individual and team performance and progress, employability, job opportunities, development, job security and job satisfaction. All based on insights into talents, information and findings about match and mismatch, risks and opportunities.

Subscription model

Worklife 360 “Talent Match center” for recruitment and career offboarding management.

€ 4.- per additional user per month

  • Setup €1,500 One-off.
  • Fixed maintenance fee € 200 per month
  • Subscription fee € 4 per month per user
  • Starts from 25 users
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WorkLife 360 “Engagement Match Center” for work happiness-performance-learning-collaboration | entry, transfer and exit.

€ 5.- per additional user per month.

  • Setup €1,500 One-off.
  • Fixed maintenance fee € 350 per month
  • Subscription fee € 5 per month - per user
  • Starts from 25 users
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WorkLife 360 “Eco Match Centre” focused collaboration within own group or holding company and/or partner organisations.

€ € 6.- per additional user per month.

  • Setup € 1.500,- One-off.
  • Fixed maintenance fee € 425 per month
  • Subscription fee € 6 per month - per user
  • Starts from 25 users
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WorkLife tools & functionality

icon Tools Notes
WorkLife-Konto :

for organising a working community where everyone counts, has a personal account to contribute with the best tools for growth and development, managing and monitoring your job happiness, security and employability.

Talent & drives questionnaire tool:

for talent and motivation mapping. The outcomes are immediately visible including reflection on leadership, team behaviour-sales service and vitality.


to manage and register personal information, two-factor authentication, video presence, LinkedIn profile, CV upload and photo.

Skill Wallet:

for managing your value creation with your talent, drivers profile, knowledge, experience, skills and competences. You can enrich your wallet with role function competences. The better filled the higher the match.

Coach tool:

For online coaching with sharing talent profile - personal action plan -conversation log - feedback-forward - evaluation.

Match tool:

For matching work happiness + talent, knowledge + skills and other skills. against roles and functions and your personal skill wallet.

Pool match tool:

For pre-matching people's talent and ambition to roles or vacancies in the organisation. ambition profile. Opened by internal pool and external pool.

Role function house + job + vacancy profiler:

for designing, creating and publishing roles and functions with activities, goals-behaviour - skill knowledge-training etc.

See me tool:

For managing and monitoring your connections and visibility in the work community. And for managing personal work happiness status and availability for work.

WorkLife conversation tool:
Dialogue action plan tool:

for gap analysis against roles + setting goals + formulating actions on talent development - knowledge - skill for personal development in line with team and organisation goals.

Feed-forward + Feed-back-Review-Tool:

for getting tips, suggestions , unsolicited advice from colleagues and customers. The tool provides visibility into blindspots to support your personal action plan. Internal and external consultation.


For matching and assembling teams, formulating team goals and monitoring progress. Linked to individual action plans of team members.

Salari's Reward Tool;

based on rewarding value creation instead of job tasks and responsibilities. Linked to modern performance management.

Gamification kudos and trophies tool:
For giving and receiving compliments to another person. Linked to desirable behavior strategy or DNA values of the organization.
e-learning Academie (LMS):
for creating and providing organization-specific learnings such as AVG, safety, quality, pre-boarding, onboarding and work engagement blended learnings.
I & E DEX inzetbaarheids tool:
voor de skill wallet match met zicht op interne en externe waarde en inzetbaarheid op de arbeidsmarkt.
Skill wallet:
for the skill wallet match with visibility into internal and external value and employability in the labor market.
Reflection evaluation and outcome tool:
for invite + obtain and record reflection on development, learning and performance events received kudos and trophies.
People analytics + work happiness status tool:
for publishing data and intelligence related to events in the platform and for monitoring work happiness status.
Mail activatie tool.:
For activating setting up and sending standard mail messages linked to community events.
Conversation log:
for scheduling, inviting interlocutor and recording arrangements. Upon invitation arises writing right in log.
Social intranet tool:
for publishing and writing news items on the timeline. for starting a group around a topic and including simple project task management tool.
Job transfer vacancy marketplace tool:
For publishing internal validated (for of talent profile) job postings and assignments. Linked to job application ATS system.
Employee satisfaction and happiness monitor:
For day daily registration for employee satisfaction and happiness. Per mail activation.
Hallo WorkLife-Plattform :
om mensen te connecten, talent te delen en transfers binnen het werk ecosysteem te faciliteren.
Search tool:
For finding the right people with talent - knowledge - skills in the organization and external pools.
User management tool:
To create and manage accounts, mail messages and facilitate employee development route.
Afas API
Abonnement tooling
People analystics API tool.